Exercise: Bodyweight Circuit, Bike Intervals

Getting up at about 7am this morning, I had every intention of getting stuck into the ironing that’s been calling my name for a few days 🙄

Unfortunately there was a power cut at 7.30, which didn’t come back on until nearly 10am. To keep warm, we all jumped back into bed and cuddled up 😀

I decided that I needed to use some weights today, so I headed down to the gym. It was wonderfully quiet (the joys of school holidays 😀 ). I’m going to start increasing the weights now. Was using about 7kg but have upped it to 9kg on some exercises and 10kg on others.

Below is today’s circuit, done twice

8 x DB split squats
8 x DB chest press
20 x DB row
15 x 1 arm shoulder press
10 x lying DB tricep extensions
8 x chin ups

10 x stability ball rollouts
15 x stability ball jacknifes
10 x cable chops

I then jumped onto the bike and did 7 intervals of 45 seconds flat out, with 45 second recovery in between.

Seems like ages since I’ve run, so I think an easy 7km run is in order tomorrow morning. Please don’t rain 🙄