Exercise: Bodyweight Circuit, Exercise Bike Intervals

So hands up everyone who enjoyed hot cross buns yesterday 😀 (okay so there were also the small solid little cadbury eggs as well 😳 )

Having done absolutely nothing for the last 4 days, I thought it best if I got off my a*se and do something today.

Due to hubby working all weekend, I had to utilise what I had at home (as I will have to do tomorrow also).

I found out that I could plug my ipod into the main stereo, which I can turn up really, really loud 😆 (sorry neighbours). The stereo is also in the same area that I worked out in so it was doubly good 😀

Started out with a timed circuit of 30 seconds per exercise done as 3 circuits of the following:

Bodyweight squats
Reverse leg lunges
Mountain Climbers
Jumping Jacks

I then cleared everything off the bike (they make great clothes horses) that had been purchased 2 months ago and never used (it’s also in the same area as the stereo) and the plan was to do 6 sets of 45 seconds flat out with 45 seconds recovery.

All was going well until I hit the 4th interval. After I’d finished it I had to jump off the bike and race for the bathroom as the amount of exertion had made me physically sick 😯 (Michelle, how do you do it???)

It was just a retch, with nothing coming out (TMI??). I laid down on the floor for a couple of minutes until I felt okay, then got back up and finished off the other 2 intervals. Felt much better after completing it 😀

I had no idea it was going to take so much energy out of me. I tell you I was sweating so much after finishing, it was like I’d done a 10km hard run 🙄

Has anyone else had to ever do a Key Selection Criteria? OMG, it is the hardest job in the world. It took me literally all day to do yesterday. I didn’t move off the couch at all. Thankyou so much to hubby for helping me out and making me sound so much more professional than I really am 😳

I wandered down to the local shopping centre this afternoon (well it’s somebody’s birthday soon isn’t it 😉 ) and I could not believe the amount of people there. I guess they must have all been looking for that last minute bargain easter egg 😀

I’d gone down on Thursday night and got all mine, so there was still a good range to choose from, but today there was hardly anything at all!! For some reason there were alot of those gold bunnies with the bells around their neck left though!

Happy Easter everyone. Hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of nice things 😀