Exercise: 4.5km Walk – Chirnside to Home (8’s) Netball (Phoenix’s)

I had booked my car in for a service today and thought I might run home but then Alana asked if she could come too, and how could I say no when she hardly ever asks to do exercise with me. I did explain to her how far it was, but she was adament that she wanted to come. It was a fairly slow walk back, but it was enjoyable enough 😀

Alana has expressed an interest in doing modelling. We went and saw a modelling agency when she was younger but she wasn’t really interested then. Has anyone else had any dabblings in the child modelling world?

This is her today:

Netball tonight and I can tell you that I wasn’t very enthused to get out in the cold. How quickly has the weather changed 😯

It was a good game though, but we lost by 1 goal 😦