Exercise: 14.1km Run 4 The Kids (8’s Blue)

Hubby very kindly drove me up to the race start this morning 😀

I wandered over to the race area and immediately found Mr and Mrs Wombat. We then made a beeline for the loos (was told about the ones behind the Myer Music Bowl. They were empty 😀 ).

Then it was over to the “meeting point” for all the Ausrunners. It was lovely to meet Shells and Sassycil, and to catch up with Kathryn, Andrew, Tigerboy and JH. Michelle and her Ducklings arrived just as I was getting worried that I was going to have to run the race by myself (stop doing that to me Chick!!!).

As usual, Michelle and I had decided on what we were going to wear the night before. There was lots of texting back and forth 🙄

Michelle and I eventually walked over to the start area, and found a spot right near the front of the yellow area. Well the sign said that it was for yellow bibbers, but there were plenty of red bibbers who must have been colour blind 😡

It took us about 18 minutes to cross the start line and we set off at a nice casual pace, trying to get around the walkers, who make it so dangerous when everyone has to run around them to get going. I really hope that the organisers take this seriously next year and do something about it as it happens every year!

I knew that Michelle was going to have some problems going through the tunnel, as she has had each year, but I just kept trying to talk to her to take her mind off things. Unfortunately you can only say so much to someone who’s hyperventilating and finding it hard to breathe 😯 I wa so glad to see the end of the tunnel. My parents were actually volunteering at the first water stop just outside the tunnel and I spotted my Dad and gave him a shout 😀

Then it was onwards towards the Bolte Bridge. We got to the top of the bridge in no time (as we’d been talking so much I hardly noticed the incline). Then we had the lovely downward section towards Telstra Dome. I took a walk through the drink station and then we carried on towards the little shit hill that is Collins Street. I nearly made it to the top without walking but it just got the better of me 🙄

With only a couple of km to go we just plodded along with the crowd of people. It was great to see the 14km sign, but I knew for a fact that there was more than 100 metres to go!!

The finish line was now in sight, but unfortunately the drink of water I’d had previously was now making me feel really nauseus and I had to really concentrate on not spewing my guts up on the finish line. That certainly wouldn’t have made a good picture 😳

We caught up with Michelle’s kids, found Tigerboy at the finish line too, and made our way back to the Transport Bar, where we met back up with all the Ausrunners, and also caught up with Sara, Em, who had been a pacer for the run, and loads of Coolrunners 😀

Nothing fantastic with our time (1:30.57) but it was good to give the legs a workout after Trailwalker.

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