Exercise: 5km Interval Run – Treadmill, Strength Training, Core (Trigons)

I suffered an injury from Trailwalker that’s kept me from doing any running. Unfortunately I have a massive blister on the back of my heel, and it sits right where my trainers rub. I’ve tried putting bandaids on it, but unfortunately it just rubs off within a few minutes.

Okay, yes I could have done strength training, but I didn’t 🙄

So it was good to put on the trainers today and not feel too much pain on the back of my foot. Unfortunately the bandaid still came off, but the pain wasn’t there this time.

My strength training consisted of the following (done twice through):

10 x 1 Leg Squats
15 x Flat Chest Presses
10 x DB Rows
10 x Bulgarian Split Squats
15 x Stability Ball Rollouts

I’m hoping to do a 10km run tomorrow morning just to keep the legs ticking over before the R4K on Sunday. I received my race pack yesterday, but unfortunately I didn’t get my race t-shirt as it seems that they’ve run out of my size!! I need to ring them tomorrow to find out if I can get another size as I’ve been told that they are a good t-shirt this year 😀