Exercise: 8.5km Walk – Lilydale Lake (8’s)

Just thought I’d keep the legs ticking over this morning, so I dragged the Hubby, we dropped Alana off at school and then headed over to Lilydale Lake for a couple of laps.

Nice to see that I wasn’t the only Trailwalker who had the same idea. Clarkey was looking very sprightly, even though he’s just had a little baby daughter join their family 😀

I’ve not done too well with the carbo loading though. I’m still in “lean and clean” mode and just can’t get into the “eat loads of carbs” headspace. Must try hard today as I know that I’m going to need all the energy I can get tomorrow!!

My hip is feeling quite bruised where Corrie worked on it yesterday but I’m hoping by tomorrow morning that it’ll have worn off!

If anyone wants to follow our progress, just click on the green Oxfam icon to the left and you’ll be able to keep abreast of all that’s happening 😀

Right, better go eat some white bread and pasta. I’ve also been reliably informed by all my TW team mates that Easter Egg chocolate is a good source of carbo loading 😆