Exercise: Netball Game (Propels)

It’s a strange feeling when you don’t have to rush around to get ready for work. I feel like I should be doing something, anything to keep me busy.

Okay, there’s the washing, ironing and cleaning of the house to do, but I’m just not used to having time on my hands. I will get used to this feeling though, don’t you worry!

A very close game of Netball tonight. I just need to keep turning my legs over so that I’m fresh for our 100km Trailwalker adventure on Friday 😯

Hubby and I went to Phillip Island for the weekend while Alana was away at a Cub Scout camp. We stayed at the Silverwater Resort.

Hubby hadn’t been to Phillip Island before and the last time I was down there was in about 1988, so it was nice to just drive around the island, checking out all the local touristy spots.

This was taken at The Nobbies. Cool and windy at this end of the island and no sign of any Seals or Penguins 😦

4 more sleeps to go 😯