Life works in strange ways doesn’t it!

I have been having a pretty down week. I was very low on Monday and Tuesday, but started to perk up a bit by Wednesday.

No exercise though over the last 3 days, mainly due to time restraints (well that’s my excuse anyway!).

Yesterday I met up with Michelle for lunch and we had a great time just catching up on things and having a laugh.

Came back from lunch and there was a meeting request waiting for me with the MD. Nothing new there as he normally gives me ad hoc tasks to do when it’s something nitty gritty and picky (yes I’m the resident ‘if you can’t find something or need info, go see JK’ person in the company 🙄 )

The outcome of the meeting wasn’t what I expected. My job role has been made redundant 😯

I’m trying to look at it positively and keep telling myself that it wasn’t me they sacked, it was just the role. I am a very experienced person, and can put my finger in many pies with my vast knowledge of stuff 😀 (you know stuff……too much to mention but nothing that comes to mind!)

I am now looking at just chilling out for a while and enjoying my time at home, getting done some of the things that I’ve been putting off due to working full time. I’m hoping to spend a bit more time with Alana too.

And one of the best things is that I don’t have to get up at 5.30am any more to go to the gym or go for a run. I can now go at the respectable time of 9am, once I’ve taken Alana to school. OMG, how cool will that be 😆

I’ll have time to actually cook some decent, healthy meals, I can now get stuck into the garden, and my ironing basket will be empty for a change 😀

Of course if anyone out there has a job vacancy that they feel I may be suitable for, please let me know, as I can’t be a lady of leisure for too long (unless I win lotto of course) 😆