Exercise: 15km Run – Sydney (Trigons)

Yep, I’m still here 😀

Em and I have managed to get a weekend away in Sydney to see a friend get married.

The flight up here was a little bit turbulent, especially taking off, but for anyone who loves roller coasters and all those hairy scary rides, it was lots of fun 😆

We got to the hotel (staying in Double Bay) and then proceeded to find somewhere to eat lunch.


We then went back to the hotel, got changed and went out for a run. I had a vague idea of where we were and where we needed to go to get to Centennial Park and as Em hadn’t been there before, it was the perfect place to run to.

We found Centennial Park, after finding one of the steepest roads in the area, which we had to run up (okay so I ran and walked it) 🙄

Coming back, we had to outrun an approaching storm 😯

Then it was an enjoyable evening at Beki’s place, sipping on some lovely Champers and catching up 😀