Exercise: 24km Run – Mt Evelyn to Olinda & return (Excursions)

This weekend was another one where all the TW girls did their own thing. Em decided she wanted to climb a mountain 😯 Michelle wanted to do circuits of Ferny Creek (I’m sure it was to see if she could make it round this time without the bark bringing her down!!) and Jo was off climbing hills and doing wheelies on her mountain bike 😀

Unfortunately I couldn’t run yesterday (when Em and Michelle were running) due to babysitting issues, so I had to do some incidental exercise i.e. cleaning the house 🙄

Today though I’d organised for Alana to spend some quality time with her grandparents whilst I did my run. It was a lovely morning, although when I looked out the window at 7am there was dew on the car. Just checked Weatherzone and it was only 3.8 degrees at 7am, but had risen to 10 degress by the time I started running. I did have to wear my arm warmers for at least the first 8km though as it felt really cold 😳

So I parked at Mt Evelyn Reserve and ran up to Silvan. Stopped for a loo break and then trudged on up to Olinda. Too many uphills for my liking, but I enjoyed the thought of running back down them on the way back 😀

The trail was very busy this morning with alot of teams who seemed to be coming down from Olinda. Many of them looked like they hadn’t done the trail before as they had their maps in hand and were looking dazed and confused at many of the junctions 😆

My advice when in doubt, “turn left” (sorry that’s an in joke!)

Some photos of the Olinda Creek, which you have to pass over by footbridge.

More thankyous necessary. To Sharon and Hobbles for their donations 😀