Exercise: 24km Run – Arthurs Seat (Excursions)

The Girls decided during the week that we’d keep well away from the Yarra Valley this weekend as there is still lots of bushfire activity.

So we thought that Arthurs Seat would be a good hit out. We ran this trail just after Xmas and wanted to get back down there for another run.

Got an email from Em yesterday afternoon to say that there was a bushfire at Arthurs Seat 😯 We are jinxed. No matter where we decide to run, something (like a bushfire) tries to deter us.

Luckily the fire was put out pretty quickly, although I still had a horrible fear that we’d be running through the trail and somebody would try and light the place up again and we’d be stuck (silly I know!!).

As Michelle and Em both had engagements in the morning, we met at Dromana at 12.30pm. This is such a respectable time of day to run. Much better than stupid o’clock 😀

We set off with lots of cloud coverage and a bit of a strong wind. Wasn’t long before we were walking as the hills start pretty much straight away.

The view half way up is beautiful.

These are some of the steps that we have to get up.

Then there’s this hill that we ran down on the way out and had to power walk back up on the way back.

We also met this really sweet dog, who we later found out is called Holly. She decided to join us for a nice 5km run (she must have managed to get out of her garden). Don’t think the owners will need to give her a walk tonight as she got a pretty good workout!

Michelle and I turned around when we hit a certain road, which was what I’d said I wanted to do as this would give me 20km, but Em and Jo decided to carry on as they wanted to to a straight 24km.

Unfortunately, somehow or another, we took a wrong trail on the way back and ended up in the wrong place and had to backtrack, which meant that we did 24km anyway 🙄

Now, for anyone who’s paying attention, you might see that I ran in a pair of Saucony Excursion trail shoes. Yes, another new pair. In my defence, I bought them last year and they’ve been sitting in their box until now. Very comfortable shoes, and they’re pink and grey, so kinda girly too (you can see them in the photo of Michelle and the dog. Yes, of course Michelle has a pair too 😆 ). Unfortunately they’re now covered in trail dust and don’t look pretty any more 🙄

The countdown is now on until Oxfam Trailwalker. There’s still plenty of time to donate if you have a spare $10. Just click on the green box to the left at the top of the page. A big thankyou to Sharon for her donation. It’s really appreciated.

I’m now happily sat here with my compression socks on, enjoying a last meal before I embark on a 24hr fast. Something I’ve wanted to do for a while but haven’t gotten around to. Wish me luck 😀