Exercise: Circuit

OMG, what a night. I actually went to bed at a decent time last night, which meant that I’d have gotten plenty of sleep when the alarm went off for me to get up and go to the gym this morning.

Alana came into our bedroom at 2am to tell us that there was a possum in her bedroom. Of course we didn’t believe her (bad parents 😳 ) but Nick got up anyway to see if he could find it. He’d heard a loud bang a few minutes earlier but had thought it was just the possums on the roof. It looks as if it came down the chimney (which has not been blocked off yet, even though we no longer use the fireplace).

In the meantime, Alana and I are huddled up in my bed with the door to the bedroom firmly closed.

Nick came back in a few minutes later to say that he couldn’t find the possum so assumed that it had run back up the chimney. So Alana trots back to bed, we start to get comfy again, but she’s back in a flash to say that the possum is definitely still in her bedroom as she can see it’s tail.

So we all get up this time, barricade all the escape routes and then leave Nick to the task of catching the possum. He came out with it a few minutes later and the poor thing was so scared it didn’t even make any attempt to run away when Nick cajouled it into the laundry basket. We then set it free outside and it scarpered off back to wherever it had come.

So of course once I’d got settled back into bed I was wide awake and it took me forever to get back to sleep. I’d still left the alarm set for 5.45am, but when it went off, I just couldn’t face getting out of bed, so turned it off and got another hour’s sleep before I had to get up for work 😳

I made a beeline for the gym at lunch time and did the circuit that I’d written down….as follows:

Repeated 3 times with 30 seconds rest inbetween sets:

10 Squats
10 Burpees
10 Running Step Ups (each foot)
10 Pushups (full)
12 Cross Body Mountain Climbers (each side)
10 Lunges (each leg)
50 Jumping Jacks
12 Cycle Crunches (each side)
10 Tricep Dips

A quick, solid workout in a short period of time…. 😀