Exercise: 6km Run – Treadmill, Weights (Sequences)

Well, well, well, I actually woke up before the alarm went off this morning, which makes a huge difference. My thinking is that if I wake up just before the alarm goes off then my body is telling me that I’ve had enough sleep and it’s time to get up, which I did 😀

My intention was also to get to the gym after work to do some circuit training (I made up my own little program), but I wasn’t thinking straight as I’d gone to the Butcher at lunch time to buy meat, and didn’t want it sitting in the car for an hour or so while I was in the gym.

And it was lucky that I did go straight home as I’d forgotten that I needed to sew a badge on Alana’s cub uniform before she went off to cubs. I then drove Hubby to pick up his car, which had been left at her school earlier that afternoon…..the story behind that:

Alana has been wanting to walk home from school for a while now and has been pestering Hubby constantly. So he drove to the school, parked the car and then walked home with Alana. I don’t think she’ll be asking again, as it was a 5km walk home with lots of hills involved 😆