Exercise: 5km Interval Run – Treadmill, Shoulders & Abs (Trigons)

So the book and another late night won again 🙄

I was hoping to get down the gym to do the Fat Burner class this morning, but it wasn’t to be 😦

I made up for it tonight though and did a really tough interval run on the treadmill. 9 x 60 seconds at 13.5kph, with 60 seconds recovery inbetween. And the 1 arm sweating is back again 😳

Now has anyone been to a body attack class in the last week or so? The last time I did a class it was all high impact aerobic stuff, but last night, what was supposed to be a body attack class, on the timetable, looked like a body step class. Has sometihng changed that I’m not aware of with Body Attack?

I’ve been watching Biggest Loser every night, which has been one of the reasons why I haven’t been watering my plants. Some nights it doesn’t finish until 8pm, and then of course there is something else on after that which I want to watch and by the time that’s finished it’s dark outside and the mozzies are out.

So my new resolution is to get hubby to record the shows that I want to watch and use the time during the week more constructively and then I can sit down on Saturday night and watch the whole lot, which would also include fast forwarding through all the crappy adverts 😀