Exercise: 25km Run – The Tan, Albert Park Lake (8’s)

To say that today’s run was hard, is probably an understatement. It was really hard. I just didn’t seem to have any energy at all, which meant that all I could think about was finishing.

A couple of reasons that come to mind. a) I had a fairly late night last night and didn’t get alot of sleep, which was then very intermittent as I kept waking up 🙄

And b) I was out partying last night and drank quite a bit and also didn’t hydrate properly before, during and afterwards 😳

Here are the party girls 😀

We met up this morning at The Tan and decided that we’d head over to Albert Park Lake for a lap, then head back to the cars for a drink. I actually took my hydration pack as I knew I was pretty dehydrated and would need water on tap 🙄

There were lots of people walking and running around the lake as a couple of organisations were holding events there. Quite a bit of avoiding children and dogs was involved.

Once we’d got back to the cars we decided to head back again for 2 more laps of the lake, which would pretty much get us to our proposed 30km for today.

OMG, how boring is running around the lake? It was also very warm as there is pretty much no shade at all. We stopped at the end of the first lap and decided to head back over to The Tan and do a couple of loops there instead of completing the 2nd lap.

By this stage I was really starting to feel fatigued and I got a bit light headed at one point. I realised that I was going to have to walk a bit to clear my head so I urged Michelle to carry on running while I got my breath back.

I made it back to the cars and my Garmin read 25km. Yep, that was plenty enough for me today so I stopped. Em, Jo and Michelle had already gone around for another loop, so I just waited for them to finish whilst doing some people watching (there are so many people to watch as well 😀 )

Everyone agreed that today’s run was a real slog and we all felt pretty flat and lifeless (glad it wasn’t just me!).

Here we are before we started, looking decidedly better than when we finished!

Now for just a little rant. Why do people not understand the keep left unless overtaking rule when walking and running around The Tan? 😡