Exercise: AM – Pump Class
PM – 7.5km Run – MMCT (8’s Blue)

Woohoo, another double exercise day 😀

I can’t decide if I really enjoy pump classes or not 🙄

On one hand, you just follow what the instructor is doing, which saves you having to worry about making up your own program. On the other hand, you’re stuck in a room for an hour, having to listen to someone elses taste in music!!

I met Michelle after work. We just plodded along the trail, catching up with lots of chat 😀 We stopped at the local public toilets, but can you believe that at 7pm they were locked 😯 Luckily it was only about 2km back to the car, by which time, the need had passed!!

Did anyone see the colour of the sun tonight? It was absolutely brilliant red. I took a few photos, but may have left it a little too late, but will download them and see what they look like.

Tomorrow is a rest day – YAY!!!