Exercise: 4.6km Inerval Run – Treadmill, Arms & Abs workout (Sequences)

I was going to take today as a rest day, but I’d forgotten to turn the alarm off this morning, so when it went off I just got out of bed.

Decided that intervals were what I needed to do today.

The gym was very quiet as Bootcamp has started and alot of people are attending, and it’s held on the footy oval across from the gym.

Legs are feeling good again. Slight soreness in calves, but nothing that can’t be stretched out.

As the interval workout only took 30 minutes, I utilised the empty gym and did an upperbody workout and some abs work.

I’m thinking that my lack of weight loss must be due to my food, so I need to look at this more closely.

Am happy to report that I now have new shoes to go with my new dress for the wedding. There is a Tony Bianco outlet locally and I popped in there at lunch time today 😀