Exercise: Fat Burner Class

When I read the write up on the above class, I thought it would be a fairly easy, low impact class.


High impact aerobics, high impact step, followed by lots of body strength work, mostly including running, squats, lunges, pushups and situps 🙄

I think my body is in shock right now. It feels like I’m putting it through alot, although it’s not really that much. My muscles are a little bit sore from using the weights and doing loads of squats and lunges but all up I actually feel quite good.

Unfortunately the scales are not reflecting the increase in exercise 😦

I had a bit of a shock at lunchtime. I live about 10km from where some of the bushfires are, but as we are in a lower lying area we can’t see anything. That was until today. I was driving down the road and I could see all the fires directly in front of me, which I hadn’t noticed before. It was very eye opening and really brought home to me just how close it is.