Exercise: AM – Spin Class, Ab Class
PM – Bodyweight exercises

Yep, you read it right. Twice in one day!!!

I thought that by doing a spin class this morning, I could gently ease my legs into loosening up from yesterday’s long run. Unfortunately it was a class that I’d never done before (it’s a new class at the gym) and thought it would be similar to all spin classes. I should have realised by the name (life sprints) that maybe it wasn’t.

20 minutes of 8 seconds flat out followed by 12 second recovery certainly woke my legs up 😯

This was then followed by 20 minutes of full on ab work. I am just starting to feel the effects of this class now 🙄

Back at the gym after work for a bodyweight workout. I’m determined to tone and lose the wings 😀

And I want to rave about my compression socks. They are even better than my skins (which I found this morning!!). I had absolutely no calf pain when I got out of bed this morning. I’ll put them on again tonight just to ensure that the calves get maximum recovery.