Exercise: 36km Run – Warby Trail (8’s)

Originally the plan was to run yesterday, starting at 3pm, from Olinda to Wesburn. Unfortunately our plans had to change due to all the fire restrictions in place and the closing of National Parks (oh, and also the fact that it was 45 degrees 😯 )

So today dawned. And what a perfect day for a run. It was cool, it was overcast and the Warby Trail was fairly empty 😀

We met at Lilydale, after Em and I drove up to Warburton in 2 cars so that we could leave one there for the journey home. We met Jo at the start of the trail. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, Michelle couldn’t join us today 😦

The start of the trail is a gentle uphill run, which wasn’t too bad for me this morning. Normally any uphill at the start of a run does all sorts of horrible things to my calves and achilles. Not so today 😀

Once we hit Mt Evelyn, it was a very pleasant downhill run for a few km, followed by alot of flat running. It’s only when we got to Woori Yallock that some more inclines start appearing.

I did start to tire a bit from Woori Yallock so we started adding some walk breaks into the running. As we were running along towards Yarra Junction, a guy hung out of his car and gave the hugest wolf whistle. It’s almost as if it was staged, as it seemed like he was ready and waiting for us to run past due to how loud and long the whistle was 😯

On reaching Yarra Junction we had a bit of a stretch and was invaded by cigarette smoke from a woman who walked by puffing away 😡

We decided to do a 1km run, followed by a 1km walk, but realised that the 1km walk was too long, so took it down to 1/2 km walk. This seemed to work really well for me until we got to Millgrove.

After that it was an uphill struggle to get to Warburton. My legs had pretty much had enough and didn’t want to go any more. I was so glad to see my car in the car park as it meant that I could stop 😀

We saw plenty of wildlife along the way, including rabbits running along the trail, goats, deer, llamas, donkeys, ponies, a gorgeous foal, an ostrich and a peacock 😯

We stopped so that Jo could get a stone out of her shoe and there was this huge pile of sap hanging off a tree that Em decided to play with 😀

My legs were really hurting by the time we’d driven back to Lilydale, and it took alot of energy to get out of the car when I got home.

I’ve since had a shower and a power nap (which has made me feel like crap!). I can’t seem to find my skins at the moment, so had a great idea and found my compression socks that I wear when I travel long haul. Calves are feeling so much better now 😀

Am supposed to be meeting a friend at the gym tomorrow morning for a spin class. I’m just hoping that it’ll help the legs recover.