Exercise: 13.5km Run – Ferny Creek (Supanovas)

Today’s run at Ferny Creek was a great way to get away from the heat of the last few days.

There was only 3 of us, due to Em being in Queensland (enjoy your holiday Em). There were also loads of running clubs and also alot of Trailwalker teams walking through the forest.

As Michelle and I are not very ofe with the trails, and Jo hadn’t run there for a long time, we just played it by ear and ran down a trail which we’ve done in the past but weren’t sure where it came out. Bad move!! We ended up having to run walk up the hugest hill to get back to where we started from.

We finally made it back to the cars and then had a good look at the map to see if there was somewhere a little flatter to run. Ummmm, we decided on the hill climb track 😯

Luckily we ran down it rather than up it 😀

We then ran around to Grants Picnic Ground, where there were busloads of tourists feeding the cockatoos. Then on to our old favourite Clematis Track, which I walked up, but the mountain goats both ran most of it.

Unfortunately Michelle has been having problems with her glute and she’d tripped a little earlier in the run, so by the time we got back to the cars she could barely walk. I called it a day, along with Michelle, although Jo wanted to do another loop.

I’ve now recoverd from a girls night out on Friday night 😀

Had a great time, eating good food, drinking cocktails and then trying to do ten pin bowling 😆

Thankyou girls, it was a real scream 😀

Oh yeah, I have the photos 😉