Exercise: 12km Run – Local Streets (8’s)

Isn’t it a great feeling when you finally have a good run 😀

Okay, it was a bit shorter than originally planned, but it was still better than making up an excuse not to run at all (have I told you how good I am at making up excuses?) 😀

My legs were feeling a little stiff from yesterday’s workout, but I think this actually helped my running today (what’s that all about??? 😯 )

I felt quite strong right from the word go. I stopped every 3km to stretch, which really helped I think.

I also ran free today. All I carried was my ipod, which I put down my bra as I didn’t even wear my spibelt. This also meant that I didn’t carry my phone either, so unfortunately no photos today 😦

I knew that there was a water tap at the 6km mark, so I wasn’t too worried about carrying water with me. It really felt very liberating not carrying anything, especially as most runs now I do carry something, even if it’s just the spibelt around my waist.

Get this though. I weighed myself when I got out of bed this morning, and then when I got back from my run. In that space of time (about 4 hours) I had lost 1.6kg. Ridiculous 😯