Exercise: 6km Run – Local Streets (Sequences)

Okay, firstly I would like to say a huge THANKYOU to Miss Sara, who has lovingly donated to help The Girls over the line with our fundraising 😀

Anyone else want their name up in lights? All you have to do is donate 😆

So who’s idea was it to run at lunchtime? Well in my defence it really didn’t feel that warm when I walked out the door at lunchtime. However, by the time I’d got to the 2km mark, I’d changed my mind and realised that maybe I should have used the treadmill at the gym. Seriously, the sweat was just streaming into my eyes and stinging the hell out of them.

Oh yeah, and which fool forgot to put their sunglasses on and came back to work unable to focus on much due to the amount of crap that had blown into them from the wind 🙄

I hopped into the shower and I had to have it on as cold as possible (JH, couldn’t face the hot water at all!!) so that I could cool down before I got back to my desk. I also had to put the fan on full tilt to dry the sweat that was still dribbling down my face. Not a good look for me 😳

Sassy, I just clicked on the link, copied the html and then pasted it into a spare widget. Does that make sense?