Exercise: 5 mins Bike, Core Workout

Originally I thought that I’d do a 6km run from work today, but I had to walk between two of our buildings this morning and the heat that hit me when I walked outside made me realise that it probably wasn’t a good idea to run outside at all if I wanted to get back to work in one piece 😯

So I made a beeline for the lovely airconditioned gym 😆

I had to get on the bike before I did anything else as I have had so much trouble walking due to how sore my arse has been since Sunday 😳

I think more hill walking is needed if I want to complete Trailwalker without dying a dismal death 🙄

So a big plea to everyone out there in blogland to help us achieve our $1,000 target for the Oxfam Trailwalker. It’s a great cause and it’s really easy to donate. Just click on the Trailwalker icon in the left side bar (see the bright green square just over there!!). So simple, yet so worthwhile. Oh yeah, anything over $2 is tax deductable, so you can even claim it back on your tax return! Come on, you know you want to!

Now, for any Wii fanatics out there, can someone please explain to me how I can get it to play Mario Kart online without having wireless broadband? I’ve got a laptop that I can hook up to the internet with a dongle, but the Wii doesn’t seem to be able to acknowledge it – any ideas…..anyone?? (This is for Alana of course, not me!).