Exercise: 24km Run/Walk – Grants Picnic Ground to Mt Evelyn (Supanovas)

There was talk this week about making this run a “very long” run. Originally we’d talked about running from Checkpoint 3 to Checkpoint 5 (Grants to Mt Evelyn), which I was more than happy to do, but Michelle wanted to add a bit more on as she’s got a really hard, mainly uphill, ultra to do before we get to Trailwalker, so needs to do longer distances.

I declined the offer as my knee and calf have been a bit dicky this week, so we worked out how we were going to do the cars. Worked out well, with me leaving my car at Mt Evleyn, and Michelle and Em (who also wanted to do the extra distance) meeting up at Seville and leaving one car there, picking me up on the way through, and meeting Jo at Grants…..easy peasy!!

Starting with fresh legs from Grants meant that the Clematis Track, which is literally just across the road from the carpark and is a fairly steep climb, didn’t seem too bad this morning 😀

Once at the top it was an easy run through Sherbrooke Forest. Unfortunately disaster struck when Jo tripped and rolled her ankle. The only cold thing we had to ice it was Em’s bladder from her hydration pack, which she’d frozen the night before and was still pretty cold.

The offending stick!!

Jo and her “ice pack”

Jo being the toughie that she is, jumped back up and continued on 😯

We then came to Hacketts Road, the biggest energy zapper of the whole 100km trail (well if you don’t take into account the last hill at the 95km mark!!). I think because we’ve now done lots of hill training, the road didn’t seem as steep as it had in the past, made even more evident by the fact that our little mountain goat Michelle ran 3/4 of the way up it 😀

Then came the nice downward section to Silvan. Another disaster. Jo tripped over a rock and fell pretty heavily, grazing her knee and her elbow. We all decided that it was a good time to do some power walking instead, which we will have to do anyway, so it was good training.

Got to Silvan, had a loo stop and a sandwich. Jo decided that she would continue on to Mt Evelyn, so we set off at a brisk walk. It’s a beautiful part of the bush between Silvan and Mt Evelyn, with hardly anyone around.

We got to my car, said goodbye to Em and Michelle. I gave Jo a lift back to Grants. Just a little hiccup there. The road was closed at the roundabout just before Grants and to get there we would have had to drive all the way down to Ferntree Gully and then back up through Belgrave 😯

We pulled up just near the roundabout and Jo went and asked if she could walk down to Grants. Luckily it was okay….phew!!

Next weekend there’s a long run been organised at Maroondah Dam, which I won’t be taking part in, partly because Hubby is working and I need to take care of Alana, and also partly because I don’t want to run 30km of monster hills 😳