Exercise: 3.5km Interval run – Treadmill, Spin Class (Sequences)

Well what a change in weather hey 😀

Okay so I’d rather be lazing by a pool with a nice cool drink in my hand rather than sitting in an air conditioned office looking out of the window, but it’s still nice to feel the sun on my face when I walk out the door at the end of the day.

So rather than running in the heat I thought it would be better to use the facilities at the lovely cool airconditioned gym 😀

I started on the treadmill, just thinking of doing a warm up before the spin class I’d decided to do. But as there was quite a bit of time before the class started, I ended up doing 6 reps of 60 seconds at 13kph with a 90 second walk break inbetween 😯

Of course I walked into the spin class absolutely soaked in sweat and was very happy that nobody wanted to sit on the bikes either side of me, otherwise they might have been inundated with my lovely sweaty B.O!!!

I was also the only person in the class that looked as though they’d actually raised a sweat, on top of my already sweaty body. Honestly, not one of them had any sweat on their faces or tops. Maybe I was the only person so unfit!!!

Have to say that the spin class was really enjoyable and I worked bloody hard to ensure that my quads and calves got a good workout! I might even make this a regular class as long as it ties in with Hubby’s work hours 😀

Sassy, in answer to your question, MMCT is short for Mullum Mullum Creek Trail.