Exercise: 7km Run – Local Streets (Trigons)

I did a negative split on my run today 😀

It was all due to this big black cloud that was heading my way while I was out 😯

Originally I was going to do my run as soon as I got out of bed, but due to the fact that it kept on raining, then stopping, then raining, then stopping, I decided to wait until there was a fairly decent break in the showers before I headed out.

Of course it just didn’t quite work out the way I’d planned, and that big black cloud appeared from nowhere, so I had to really scoot along to get back home before I got wet. It’s amazing what a bit of rain will do for your speed 🙄

I’ve taken Alana to see 2 new movies over the last week. We went to see Bedtime Stories which was quite pleasant. Lots of funny bits.

Then today we went to see Bolt, which was great. Now as it was only released yesterday I would have assumed that the place would have been packed. But no, there were literally only 4 or 5 other families watching the movie. Not sure how Reading Cinemas make their money 😕

Hope everyone had a lovely New Years Eve. Hubby, Alana and I went to Albert Park and met up with loads of Ausrunners including Tony & Christine, Em, Corrie, Stu, Jo Jo, Michelle and Mark.

It was a very relaxed evening, with Alana being the only one who really did much, apart from some of the girls early in the evening deciding that they would have a go on the skate ramp, even though they had no skate boards 😆

The fireworks were great to see, and the dance party on the other side of the lake was a good source of music!

Here’s hubby and me just chilling out…..yes it was cold!!