Exercise: 29.5km Run – Two Bays Thin Ass (Supanovas)

So 6 days of no running, but plenty of eating and drinking does not bode well when you have a big run coming up 🙄

Was up before 4.30am this morning so that we (Michelle, Mark & I) could get down to Dromana for a 7am start, which also meant driving to Cape Schank and picking Em up before heading back to Dromana.

Perfect morning. The sun was up and there was a slight wind. Unfortunately it wasn’t a perfect start as we only got to Dromana with about 2 minutes to spare before we were meant to head off. All 3 girls dashed to the loos before even thinking about any running 😳

Then it was all about running up hills!! I had visions of Arthurs Seat being as steep at Mt Hotham (which was hell!!) but I was surprised to find that it was nowhere near as hard, although I still had to walk most of it. Once at the top it was a lovely run across the top.

Somehow or other I managed to go the wrong way at about the 12km mark. Em and Michelle had run on in front in their gazelle like way and I ended up missing a right hand turn and carried on. Of course the trail I was on at the time was a pig. It was deep sand and it was so hard to run through. I ended up at a t intersection with a road, but there were no markings, so wasn’t sure which way to turn.

I realised that I’d missed a marker somewhere, and after trying to text and phone Em, to no avail, decided to back track to see if I’d gone wrong somewhere. Sure enough I’d missed the turn marker 🙄

Once back on the right track I raced along trying to find the girls, only to see Michelle running back towards me. She’d told Em to carry on and she’d run with me. So we carried on towards Cape Schank.

I didn’t want to hold Michelle back, so told her to run on in front when I had to stop and walk. Now that I knew I was on the right trail, I was confident that I wouldn’t get lost again!!

My only fear was if I landed on a snake. It was that type of trail. A bit overgrown and warm. It made me very wary and my eyes were glued to the ground the whole time!

With about 5km to go, I found a container of water, and Steve was there also with an Icy Pole. Heaven!!!

My calves had pretty much given up on me by this stage so all I could do was run the flat and downhill bits and walk the up bits. Just as well I was on my own with nobody else around when I came to some steps as I said a few not very ladylike things. OMG they killed 😯

I finally got to the Cape Schank car park only to find that there was nobody there :confused:

I’d just sat down to text Em to see where she was (finally got phone reception) when Michelle rocked up in Sandras car and we both got driven back to Dromana.

I want to say thankyou to all the volunteers and the organisers of this run. It was perfect! (apart from me getting lost!).

Of course it wouldn’t be the same without photos!!