Exercise: 6km Run – Local (from Work) – (8’s)

Waking up to pouring rain, I was a bit sceptical that Michelle and I would be able to run at lunch time, but I got my stuff ready anyway 🙄

Of course, by the time midday came, the rain had gone and the sun had come out. Just a little bit windy, but not too bad. We had to make a bit of a detour to my place as needs must 😳 but we then just carried on.

For anyone who works in town, is it a normal sight to see people emerging from their buildings at lunch time with running gear on? Out here in the sticks, I get stared at by my work colleagues. It’s almost like they’ve never seen anyone doing exercise at lunch time before 🙄

Looking forward to letting my hair down with some good friends and a few drinks at a BBQ tonight. Just hope the rain holds off 😀