Exercise: 6km Run – Local Streets (8’s)

So when are the beautiful warm summer mornings going to arrive??

Michelle came over to my place and it wasn’t even that early and there was dew on the car 😯

I saw on the weather tonight that it went down to 2 degrees. Come on, this is ridiculous, it’s Summer FFS!!!

Now Linda, I’ve got a bone to pick….

You know those little metal hooks you told me about? Well I found some yesterday – YAY! But you failed to mention that they are worse than trying to pry metal coat hangers apart 😡 Honestly, they all get tangled up so easily and it took all my patience not to just throw them across the room 😳

Well I’m happy to report that I’m almost done with the xmas shopping. Just need to wrap all the presents now and write out some xmas cards, stock up on the alcohol and then just buy the fresh veggies for xmas lunch. 😀

How’s everyone else doing?