Exercise: 20km Run – Coastal Trail (8’s Blue)

This is the longest run I’ve done for a while, but at least it was fairly flat so I didn’t suffer too badly, apart from the bit where we ran with Em. She has a naturally faster stride than Michelle and I, so it was a bit tiring trying to keep up with her, even though I’m sure she was trying to keep it fairly slow. It’s highlighted just how much fitness I have lost, and it was highlighted even more when I got on the scales today 😳

I picked Michelle up on the way and we drove over and met Jo at her place. Then we ran up to a pre-determined meeting point. Em was doing the 5km Sussan fun run up at St Kilda and drove down afterwards. I’m so proud of her. Even though she thought she’d had a crap run, she still managed to win her age group category 😀

Jo had to turn back a little earlier than the rest of us as she was going out, hence Michelle and I running back with Em. Em stopped back at her car and Michelle and I ran the extra 5.5km back to where the cars were parked at Jo’s place. It took us a little bit longer than expected as we ran down the wrong street and had to ring Mark for directions back to the car 😳

I had this stupid p-plate driver sit so close up my arse on the way home that I could count every single one of his acne spots 😡

Had a very enjoyable afternoon in the kitchen yesterday. I made a lovely pie called Timpana, which is a maltese recipe that I got from the Food Safari website. There was so much of it, that I was able to make 2 pies!! I froze one of them and am looking forward to having it for lunch over the next 2 weeks (that’s how much there was!!).