Exercise: 6km Run – MMCT (8’s)

So between Monday and today I’ve done absolutely no exercise. Why you may ask 🙄

Good question. Unfortunately I don’t really have a good enough excuse reason to justify the question.

I suppose I could start with the fact that Hubby did night shift on Monday night and Tuesday night, which pretty much ruled out any running on Tuesday morning or Wednesday morning, but of course there was still a window of opportunity when I took Alana to Cubs on Tuesday night.

I went to an Xmas Party on Wednesday evening at Docklands. Fantastic evening, free food and plenty of free champers (my kind of party!!!). Unfortunately this meant that I couldn’t run on Wednesday evening, and even though I went to bed feeling great, even texting Michelle to say that I would definitely be meeting her at 6am the following morning for a run, I had to call it off when I woke up at 4.40am to digest as many Advil as possible to keep my head from exploding 😳

Well that’s probaly enough excuses reasons for you all 🙄

This morning’s run was short and painfully slow. My legs just didn’t want to go. Michelle and I were intending to do 7km but due to the slowness and the amount of energy it was taking just to move the legs, we downgraded to 6km 😳

So has everyone put up their christmas trees?? I had to go out and buy more baubles to put on our tree as it’s looking a bit sparse, but how stingy is this – there are no loopy things on most of the baubles that I bought, so I can’t attach them to the tree until I find something to use. I don’t understand. Why would they not supply this extra little bit of stringy stuff so that I can actually put them on the tree???

Okay so I’m starting to get to grips with the new hair cut. Still haven’t taken any photos (that are decent enough to publish)!!