Exercise: 16km Run – Lysterfield Lake (Supanovas)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a longish run 😳

I met up with Michelle and Jo, and also a few Ausrunners and Coolrunners at the carpark.

I couldn’t decide if I was going to be warm or not, but decided not to wear my armwarmers (good move too!!). I also remembered to bring everything today (I have a habit of always forgetting something), so it was good to have the drink, the tissues and the lip gloss. All necessary items of course 😀

Didn’t take long to warm up. All the fast people moved off from Michelle and I pretty quickly once we got going, which was fine as it gave us lots of time to chat and catch up. We only had one small incident when we came to a junction and weren’t sure which way to go as the others were already out of sight. Luckily we made the right decision 😀

We had to have a pit stop at about the 6km mark. Then we had to decide which trail to take. These were the options:

Michelle ended up deciding which trail to take and we made our way slowly up the hill. It was only when we got near to the top of the hill that we realised it was actually part of the Trailwalker course (except we were running the wrong way!).

We then met back up with the others at the Cafe for drinks, cake and a nice chat. A very enjoyable morning 😀

Now for everyone who’s been hanging out to hear what my surprise is 🙄

Well I’ve had my hair cut. So why is that such a surprise you ask? Well I hate getting my hair cut and as many of you know, it’s quite long and is my security blanket. Normally I just get the ends trimmed when I get my hair done

Anyway, I’d made the decision to get it cut short and yesterday was the day (It’d taken me about a year to be brave enough to do it). So I went to my hairdresser (who is also one of my oldest friends) armed with photos of the style I wanted. Somehow she managed to talk me out of getting it cut as short as I’d liked and instead cut about 6 inches off and put some layers in so that it sits nicely and frames my face.

I’m happy with this decision, although I may still go back at my next appointment and ask for more to be cut off and more layers to be put in. I haven’t actually styled it myself yet, as I just washed it and put some Henna Wax in it today, so I’m not sure how easy or hard it’s going to be, or how long it’s going to take. I’ll find that out in the morning 😯

I’ll post some photos once I’m happy with how it sits 🙄