Exercise: 5km Run – Treadmill (8’s Blue)

OMG, how can a 5km run hurt so much 😯

Okay, so I added a few fast bits in the middle, but still, it shouldn’t be as exhausting as it was 😳

It has highlighted to me just how much I’ve let my running slip. I haven’t done any speed work or interval training for ages, and even the long runs have dwindled. If I’m going to be part of the team for Trailwalker I’d better pull my socks up a bit and get stuck in to some decent training.

If only I could get my sorry arse out of bed in the mornings. It shouldn’t really be a problem as it’s now much lighter and much warmer, and I’ve got plenty of opportunities to get out there. I’ve even been going to bed at a decent hour lately. I just can’t seem to get myself motivated. Can’t put my finger on the reason yet. Might need to ponder a bit more 🙄

Lee, in answer to your question, see above. I find the treadmill so much harder to use than just running out the door and up the street. I have a nice 6km outdoor run that I can do without really breaking a sweat, yet a 5km run on the treadmill has me gasping for breath!!!