Exercise: 6.5km Walk – Lilydale Lake (Trigons)

How good is it to be able to do 2 lots of exercise in one day 😀

Hubby asked if I’d like to come and do a couple of laps around the lake while Alana was at Cubs. I was more than happy to keep him company, especially as we were only walking.

Luckily the rain held off and we got a good pace going. I even managed to lure him up a couple of hills 😉

For some reason, I find that there is no pressure on me when I walk, rather than run. It could be because I love walking and can go forever, whereas with running, unless I’m at my peak, I tend to die out and end up in a sorry heap, whinging and complaining (ask Michelle, she’ll tell you!!) 🙄

Has anyone been listening to Vega on the radio? Tamsyn Lewis is filling in for someone who’s off on maternity leave and it’s great to hear her talking about some of her training sessions. I am a mere mortal compared to her. These elites just put in so much hard work it’s unbelievable.

WTF, my weight is up but my clothes are looser 😯