Exercise: 6km Run – Treadmill, Core Work (8’s Blue)

The threat of torrential rain and thunderstorms made it an easy decision to use the gym facilities instead of my planned run with Michelle 🙄 (sorry Chick!!).

I had high hopes that the calf would behave itself tonight as I’d been to see Corrie this morning, and by the time she’d finished pounding it there was hardly any kind of twingy feeling to it 😀

So I was very confident that the treadmill run would be a nice easy jog to ease myself back into it!! Unfotunately things didn’t really go to plan (but when do they ever go to plan!!) and it wasn’t long before I could feel a small twinge again.

I stopped at 2km and had a good stretch, then carried on. Stopped again at 5km and gave it another stretch. Did one more km and then called it quits. The feeling brought back memories of when I tore the bottom of my calf and I didn’t like that feeling at all. It was almost like it was very, very tight, even though I’d only had a massage this morning.

Thought the core needed a bit of work, so I did one circuit of my new core regime, which was just enough to finish off the workout. I was absolutely drenched in sweat by this time too, so I thought the least I could do to all the ladies around me was get the hell out of there before I stank the place out with my BO 😯

I’m not sure that it’s made a big difference (especially weight wise) but I’ve cut out any type of bread this week to see if it helps with some of my bloatedness feeling that I’ve been having lately. I wouldn’t say it’s been hard to cut it out, but it certainly means that you have to be very prepared with regards to food. I’ve just got so used to having bread with everything that I’ve actually had to think about what food I’m going to eat 2 days in advance!!! This would be great for somebody who has all the time in the world to prepare meals, but as I’m not one of those people, I’m pleased that I have a whole stack of meals that I made a couple of weekends ago and froze 😀