Exercise: Netball – (Propels)

My right calf is giving me grief. Corrie, please tell me you can fix it

I was supposed to run with Michelle this morning but when I got out of bed I realised that it hurt to put alot of weight on it, so unfortunately I had to pike out of the run 😦

It’s been sore pretty much all day, and I’ve given it a good stretch every chance I’ve had.

So when I stepped on to the netball court tonight, I wasn’t sure how well I was going to play and what damage I might cause by playing.

Hmmm, maybe playing wasn’t such a good idea, especially as we lost the game anyway 🙄 All was good until about half time when it started to hurt (more than it already was!). The pain is actually right at the top of the calf, almost where it meets the back of the knee. Is that still actually the calf??

So I’m now sitting here icing it, hoping that the magic fix it fairy will have been, and it’ll all be good in the morning. I’ve actually already got an appointment with Corrie on Thursday so I may just have to bring this forward if she’s got any time free. Note to self: ring Corrie in the morning!!!

Sorry to keep you all in suspense, but I want to make sure my little secret actually happens before I tell the world, and NO I am not pregnant (wash your mouth out Sara) 😯