Exercise: 17km Run – Olinda to Silvan & return (Supanovas)

I’m sure that I mentioned last week that I don’t like running hills. I forgot this most important piece of information when I agreed that this would be a great first Trailwalker training session with The Girls.

The first 8.5km was wonderful, pretty much flat or downhill running all the way to Silvan. The return journey was not nearly as wonderful. I had to walk a big majority of it. My calves hurt – alot!

I did try to get up on my toes and take little steps, as I’d been advised, but there were only so many steps I could take before my calves were burning!

At least we only have to do the downhill bit when we actually do the Trailwalker event – Phew!

This is us at Silvan Dam.

And on a much brighter note, I met up with some of the Ausrunners for dinner on Saturday night. Thanks everyone for a lovely evening! (sorry Corrie, I couldn’t get the red eye out!!)

I’m going to let you in on a secret soon……hang in there!