Exercise: 2km Run – Mt Feathertop, 7km Run – Bright (Supanovas)

I’ve had to face a few home truths today!

Firstly, I’m not cut out to run hills. Secondly I don’t like running in races. Thirdly, I need to get over it and look at what I really want out of my running.

I’ve had a dodgy tummy over the last few weeks, but didn’t really think too much of it, apart from the fact that it really seems to kick in when I’m a bit stressed.

Today I realised that the stress is from competing in runs. So in order to combat this, I won’t be competing any more. Well apart from Trailwalker anyway.

I went to bed last night with a dodgy tummy but thought it would be gone by this morning – WRONG!! I still got myself organised for the run and even started it. I only got to the 1km mark and realised that I wasn’t going to be able to complete it, so turned back. I hated myself for this, as it meant that Michelle was going to have to run on her own, but I just didn’t want to get halfway up the mountain and then have to turn back. I think that would have been even worse 😦

I also realised that I hold Michelle back when we run. She loves running up hills, and I thought I did too, but this mornings DNF made me come to the decision that I don’t actually enjoy RUNNING up the hills. I’m more than happy to walk them, and seem to have a lot more energy when I do this, but as soon as I have to run (unless it’s downhill) then I lose motivation really quickly.

So with this new found knowledge, I’m going to start with the walkers tomorrow and walk up Mt Hotham. It’s going to take a while as it’s 15km, but I know that I’ll be more than comfortable, and I also know that Michelle will be able to put her all into running it, instead of having to keep waiting for me 🙄

I actually went for an easy 7km run when I got back to the cabin, then got showered, grabbed the girls and headed back to the finish area so that we could cheer Michelle over the line 😀

I have some great photos that I can’t wait to upload, especially the one of about 20 people sitting in the river, cooling their legs off ater today’s race. This water flowing along the river must be at least -10 degrees 😯