Exercise: 8.1km Run – Local hilly streets (8’s Blue)

I have to admit that I wasn’t looking forward to this morning’s run even though it was me who suggested it to Michelle 🙄

We did a 3km warm up to get to the hilly streets. They are all aligned one after the other, so we ran up one street, walked down it, ran to the next street, ran up that one, then walked back down and on to the next hilly street (you get the drift!).

I surprised myself by the fact that I actually enjoyed doing this run 😀 It was more hill repeats than steep climbing, which we still need to do more of, but maybe next tiime we’ll take the shortcut home, rather than the 3km run back, and do a few more hill repeats instead 😯

Have heard that it’s going to be a wet weekend. The thought of running up and down really big hills in the wet fills me with such joy…..NOT!