Exercise: 7km Run – MMCT (Trigons), Core Workout (Gym)

Woohoo, two lots of exercise today…..that hasn’t happened for a while 😳

Met Michelle for our usual stroll along MMCT. Boy it was a bit nipply this morning wasn’t it (well for us outer eastern Melbournians anyway!!) Had to pull all the winter stuff out again, including gloves 😯

Then at luch time I tootled back down to the gym for another core workout. I’d like to try and continue to do these every 2nd day (I do, really!!). The first few crunches on the fitball told me that I still hadn’t recovered fully from the last core workout, but after a while it all seemed to loosen up and was much easier on the 2nd circuit 😀

On a totally different note, I bought a new iron a couple of weeks ago and it is the coolest thing. It lights up in different colours depending on how hot it is….yeah I know, small things etc 🙄