Exercise: 6km Run – Local Streets (8’s Blue)

Happy 70th Birthday Dad

Michelle and I had organised to meet up this morning for an easy run to test out Michelle’s knee. Got a text when I got up to say that it was a bit sore and she wouldn’t be running 😦

Now I was already dressed, ready to go. My initial reaction was to turn around and go back to bed, but after careful consideration I decided that it was not the best thing to do, so ran out the door instead.

Was a little bit chilly to start, but my trusty arm warmers kept me toasty warm 😀

I will admit that I enjoyed the run, especially as I was dreading how my legs were going to feel after 4 days of doing nothing. Had nothing to fear. Legs felt good 😀

Took this photo as Michelle and I were walking towards the MCG on Sunday morning. It was a great way to start the day!