Exercise: 25km Run – Melbourne Marathon (8’s)

No exercise at all since Tuesday. My legs were going to be very fresh for today’s race 🙄

I’ve tried to eat well this week. I made sure that I was very well hydrated and drank nearly 2 litres of water and a litre of gatorade yesterday, had a Gastrolyte yesterday morning and this morning. Preparation was going to plan 😀

Unfortunately I had a small pain in my tummy as we were driving into town, which got progressively worse the nearer we got to the MCG. I literally had to drag Michelle and Mark inside so that I could use the loos. It just got worse from there 😳

Of course I didn’t want to mention this to Michelle as I knew she’d try and make me see sense and tell me not to run. That was not an option. So I just tried to suck it up and concentrate on the race.

We started out quite well, just ahead of the 4.30hr pacers. Michelle’s knee was all taped up and she was running well too, although she had to take the tape and the ITB strap off at about the 5km mark as they were uncomfortable. This meant that the pain in her knee kicked in a little bit earlier than expected, and even though she said that she wasn’t in too much pain, I knew that she wasn’t running pain free 😦

My stomach was starting to cramp and I felt so bloated that I couldn’t drink anything. I had a gel at about the 10km mark and this made things go from bad to very bad. The 4.30hr bus caught us and we dediced to hang on to it for a while, but I just didn’t feel comfortable running at their pace, so had to back off.

We got just past Fitzroy Street and Michelle could tell that I was having problems. We stopped for a couple of minutes with me having a little tantrum as Michelle tried to get me to stop at that point, rather than stopping way out at the 25km mark and then having to walk all the way back.

I conceded defeat and left her to carry on (how bad did I feel 😳 ). I eventually found my way up to the top of Fitzroy Street and nestled in with the CR cheersquad, who made sure I was okay. Thank you ladies, you made me feel much better.

Luckily there were portaloos just nearby and I was desparately in need. Funnily enough once I’d been and was “empty” 😳 I felt so much better. I still couldn’t eat anything, but the Icypole I was given was just the right thing.

Michelle ran past me and I rejoined her to run the last 7km. She was struggling, but being the determined person I know she is, she just carried on running. We stopped and walked with Wombat for a little while as he was struggling along St Kilda Road.

We started running again and Wombat joined us for a little while but he had to stop again. Then we ran down towards the MCG and it was a great feeling to actually run into the place and see and hear everyone cheering.

I feel like a bit of a fraud as I didn’t actually run the whole event, so I’m not really sure that I’m worthy of the medal that I was given.

Had a big long think about running marathons when I got home and I reckon that I might stick to Ultra Marathons instead. At least you can walk up the hills without feeling like you’ve failed!!

Congratulations to everyone who competed. It was a really tough day out there, especially with that howling northerly wind (which I didn’t have to run against 😳 ).

Also a huge thanks to Alison, Pink Lady, Sara and another lady whose name I didn’t catch. You were a fantastic cheer squad and put your all into it. 😀