Exercise: 15km Run – Parents place and return (8’s Blue)

Crap, crap, crap – that’s all I can say about today 😡

So which fool forgot to turn their clocks forward? 😳

In doing so, I missed out on what would have been a great run along the Beach Road this morning with a large group of CR’s.

And then who forgot to put their house key back on their main set of keys before leaving the house to pick Alana up, thus making one trip to Preston and back turn into 2 trips to Preston and back so that a spare set of house keys could be had 😡

The only reason I’d taken the house key off the main bunch of keys was because I still had to get my run in today so just ran from home, which meant taking a key with me so that I could get back in the house.

Nope, just not my day today 😦

Now for something that always puts a smile on my face 😀