Exercise: 25km Run – Warby Trail (8’s Blue)

So the last long run before our taper begins. 36km was the intended distance. Sadly that didn’t happen 😦

I saw that the weather forecast was for fine and 20 degrees, so I dressed accordingly. Gezus that wind was cold. I had to borrow Michelle’s arm warmers as I’d only worn a singlet. It took me about 5km before I actually warmed up and could take them off.

As most of you would know (and kept secret from me 😡 ) Michelle has had some problems with her knee and she had to tape it this morning. It wasn’t until I could actually see her limping at the 25km mark that I made her stop and walk as she was in so much pain.

And to cap it off, my knee went out in sympathy with her knee too, so we were both hobbling along like old women 🙄

The only good thing about the run was that it was a beautiful sunny morning, the wind did die down eventually and we even caught up with Tiger Boy and Jed on the trail, so stopped and had a chat with them for a while.

So the taper has begun. Hopefully this will help both the knees and Corries healing hands will make everything better 😀