Exercise: 30km Run – Coolangatta to Burleigh & return (8’s)

Hello from sunny Queensland 😀

Well what can I say. I’m loving it already. The sun has been shining, although it is really windy! I have the perfect apartment right at the front of the resort, which overlooks the beach 😀

I got up early this morning. Well actually the light was streaming in the window at 5.30am so I had no other choice than to wake up 🙄

When I looked out of the window there was a market getting set up……what more could I ask for, shopping right outside my door 😆

I started my run at about 7.30, after having some breakfast. Even at 7.30am it was warm 😯

There were plenty of people on the trail too, even at that time. I thoroughly enjoyed running along the esplanade, watching the waves and checking out all the apartments. I want to buy one (in my dreams) 😀

I ended up at Burleigh, before turning around and heading back. There was a huge crowd at Currumbin due to some sort of art festival thing happening. I find some people just have no idea of how ignorant they are when they stop right in the middle of the path without a thought for anyone else 😡

I’d taken some cash with me as I knew I wouldn’t have enough in my hand held to see me through, so I stopped at a milk bar and bought a Gatorade at about the 20km mark.

The last 3km were a real struggle, but I just kept on plodding. I wa slooking forward to walking when I got to the 30km mark, but it ended up being right outside the resort that I was staying at so no walking 😦

I walked straight out to the water (which took forever as the beach is so huge) and I stood in the waves cooling my legs down. It was bliss 😀

I’ve spent the afternoon lazing on the beach. I know I could have used the resort facilities, but I just wanted some space, and like I said, the beach at Coolangatta is huge!!

Okay, time to relax with a glass of champers and some choccy 😀