Exercise: 15km Run – Mt Evelyn to Silvan & return (Supanovas)

Well Michelle and I set out to once again get from Mt Evelyn to Olinda and return. But once again, it was not to be, due to time constraints and baby sitting responsibilites.

So we had to cut it short, which was a shame as it was a great morning to run. Just as we were getting ourselves ready in the car park, stuffing our faces with jam sandwiches, we saw the familiar face of Jed, Hobbles hubby, walking towards us. He’d just finished a 19km run, along the Warby Trail I can only assume, as it was close by.

Once again, I can not rate our new trail shoes highly enough. They are just so comfortable, yet they protect the feet from all the rocks underfoot even though they feel so light. Loving them 😀

So back to the run. We ran from Mt Evelyn down to the footy ground. Stopped to use the toilets there. Then up the hill and on to Silvan, where we stopped to use the toilets there (can you see a pattern emerging yet!!). We were about to run on towards Olinda, but then worked out that if we did that we wouldn’t get back home in time, so turned around and headed back to Mt Evelyn, stopping once again at the footy ground to use the toilets 😳

Like an old record repeating itself, my right glute was throbbing on the way back to Michelle’s place, so I’m definitely going to make an appointment with Corrie this week so that she can jam her elbow into it hard give it a nice massage to relieve some of the tightness 😀

Michelle and I at the top of the Olinda Creek Trail (yes it’s a little bit skewiff!!) As per usual we are pretty much colour co-ordinated without even meaning to be. We both have our arm warmers on. Now these things are just the best investment we’ve made. They kept our arms warm without making us hot. Everyone should get themselves a pair 😆