Exercise: 11.5km Run – FTG National Park (Supanovas)

Hmmm, 3 days of no running, once again due to lack of motivation. Not good 😳

I think that today’s run more than made up for the lost days though. Originally Michelle and I were going to run part of the Trailwalker route from Mt Evelyn to Olinda and back down again. This would have been about 30km.

Unortunately a last minute change of plan meant that we had to find somewhere a bit closer to Michelle’s place, and what better place than the FTG National Park. I’ll let you imagine what the hills were like that we ran today. Check out the elevation chart below 😯

And here’s a nice view. I was laying down low so that I could get a more realistic angle

These are my new trail shoes that I put through their paces today. Adidas Supanovas. Pretty blue 😀

Now can anyone recommend a good Accountant to do my tax? I thought I’d do it myself and use the ETax software but it’s telling me that I owe them money, and that’s just not right is it 😯

I’m sorry that I haven’t commented on many blogs lately but work has been pretty hectic (and I have a suspicion that they may be checking on our internet usage 😳 ) and home life is about the same. I am reading everyones blogs though 😀