Exercis: 53.5km Run – Ultra Round The Tan – (8’s)

OMG, I just ran an Ultra Marathon 😀

I’m a bit sore right now and my right glute is letting me know that it’s not happy at all, but I’m just in a state of euphoria and I don’t care how much my body aches 😀

So where do I start?

Firstly, I’ve had 3 days rest between Thursday’s recovery run and today. I think this was a very good idea of mine (pat on the back to me!!). My legs felt very strong today and they really only started to fatigue on the last couple of laps.

I didn’t get a great night’s sleep though, due to the hot water service waking me up at about 5.15am. I could hear that it was constantly heating and as it is located on the wall outside our bedroom, I could not block out the noise to go back to sleep. So I headed outside with my torch to see if there was water coming out, which there was. I then had to turn off the main water tap to the house to both stop the noise and stop the constant stream of water! And the only reason it was me getting out of bed to look at it in the first place was because Hubby was working night shift and wasn’t around to fix it!

Michelle and I were also invited to Mrs Wombats (Berny) 40th birthday party and a girl has to have a drink or two at a party right 😀 We both made sure that we had a litre bottle of water in the car to drink on the way home so that weren’t too dehydrated by the champers that we’d consumed!

Admittedly I did wake up with a slight headache, but a couple of Advil fixed that pretty quickly. Was feeling very tired and lethargic as I drove over to Michelle’s place to pick her up.

Didn’t take long for me to perk up once we got to the Tan. We were given a race brief rundown at about 8.30am and then we set about getting ourselves organised for a 9am start. Time flew by quickly and before we knew it, Old Knees little English flag was being waved for us to go.

The first few laps went by very quickly as there was alot of people using the Tan and Michelle and I were also chatting quite a bit. We were also really happy with the weather. Our nice new pink jackets only lasted for one lap before we had to take them off as the day warmed up quite quickly.

It was great to see some of the 100km racers. They’d started at 7am so had been at it for a couple of hours before we started. They all seemed to be going strong.

My race plan of walking up Anderson Hill was a good one. I felt ready to run again as I got to the top and as I said previously, my legs didn’t fatigue at all. Michelle ran up every time, then turned around and ran back down to me and walked the last bit with me before we started running again.

We had some wonderful company along the way. There was Shortarse from Cool Running, who did a lap with us. Then we had Tiger Boy come and run a lap too. Then WOOH came and joined us all for half a lap. We also had Eat Em come along for a couple of laps. Hats off to him as he’d already done a long run before he met up with us.

Next we had Grizzly Bear from Cool Running and his two wonderful kids come and do most of a lap. I am in awe his kids. They were just amazing and had so much energy, even for kids so young.

We met Em as she was coming the other way. She turned around and joined us for a while, accompanying me on my walk up Anderson Hill, before continuing on to complete her run/walk program.

Then on the 2nd last lap Tiger Boy and WOOH joined us again, and we were joined by Eat Em and Slim DJ from Cool Running too. We also met up again with Grizzly Bear and his kids and they tagged along to the end with us. It was fantastic to have all this support as we were running our last lap. I felt like a bit of a celebrity 😳

I want to say a huge thanks to the organisers (Old Knees from Cool Running) all the volunteers and also to our running friends who came and ran with us. Also a big wave to Mrs Wombat who’s birthday it was last night. She managed to get herself down to the Tan, even though she’d had little sleep and had been a bit worse for wear after the party 😉

So at the end of it all, our unofficial time was 6hr 34 minutes. We ran 14 laps of the tan, which is 53.5km.

And how can I not mention my trusty sidekick. She has been there for me, through all my laziness and lack of motivation, helping me get out the door by getting up early to run with me when she didn’t have to (she could have run later in the day) and by helping me with my training plan. She is just the best friend anyone could have. I know that she really struggled over the last couple of laps but refused to give up, still running up Anderson Street (this was the her aim right from the start) and continuing to run even when she was in so much pain. Hope your foot comes good soon chicky. Please get it checked out.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos myself, but there were a couple of people out on the course with cameras so as soon as I get to see them, I’ll put a photo up. We were both dressed the same (of course) and once again, the skirts got alot of people asking questions about them.

Right, I need to go and lay down now………..