Exercise: 20km Run – MMCT (8’s Blue)

I made sure I was up in time to watch the Women’s Marathon this morning.

I haven’t really taken much interest in the Olympics on TV but this is one of 2 things that I really wanted to watch. The other is the Mens Marathon, which, unfortunately is being televised at the same time as our Ultra run on Sunday.

Note to self: Get Hubby to set Video!

Once the Marathon had finished, I raced out the door to meet Michelle at MMCT for a nice easy 20km run. It was great running weather too, as the rain had gone and the sun was trying to come out from behind the clouds.

We ambled along, enjoyin the chat, making a pit stop at McDonalds (another reminder to self: do NOT eat red meat the night before a run!!). Now can anyone who works at, or has worked at McDonalds, answer me this. Are the toilets not supposed to be checked hourly? If so, why is it that there was absolutely NO toilet roll on either of the toilet roll holders 😡

Anyway we ran back down to the cars, had a quick drink and decided that we’d try and find the new Eastlink trail. Just as we were running down towards Eastland who should we see coming the other way but Corrie and her dog Hunter. So they joined us for around 8km. The more the merrier 😀

Why is it that I don’t seem to be able to get any kind of rythmn going until about 10km into the run? And of course we got to the 20km mark and I just felt like I could have carried on for at least another 10km 😯

So this week is a bit of a taper in the lead up to the 53km Ultra on Sunday. Just some nice easy runs, maybe with a couple of hills thrown in on Wednesday 😀